Dealing With Personal Distractions

  • Flipd Staff
  • 22 July 2016
  • 04:00 AM

There is no news like bad news. Turn on the TV, the Internet, or the radio and what comes out is how bad everything is at the moment. The main concern many people have is their future. If we pay too much attention to this and not enough to our own personal growth then you can very quickly find yourself in despair and not living life to your full potential.

In a previous blog we wrote about what steals your time and how to spend your time more efficiently. In this post we will talk about how to not let things affect you and bring you down, and how to deal with anxieties that distract us.

Worrying about your future is not a bad thing - everybody does it. Worrying about it so much that it distracts you from your day to day living can have negative effects on your life. For example, worry can lead to anxiety, which in turn engages a sort of survival mode or panic that switches creative thinking off. When we are in this mode our logical thinking becomes distorted and we are overwhelmed and distracted by the world. 

One way to combat this is to make a list of everything that worries you. In one column have things that are in your control and in the other things that are not. Once finished, cut the paper into two and discard the column that you can’t control. Now you can just focus on the things that you have the power to take control of and take the distractions out of your life. 

Focus on the things that you have the power to take control of and take the distractions out of your life. 

This year has seen a lot of change already, and will see even more. One event that may shape your future and the future of everybody on the planet is the US election. You will hear a lot of worry about the economy and how traders and investors do not appreciate looming uncertainty. There will be a lot of doom and gloom, and you will be distracted about your future.

Our advice is to rather than fear the economic future, embrace the change. Every country in the world goes through uncertainty when it comes to a change of leaders, but aside from your vote you cannot control the outcome. You may not like the outcome but you must be determined to push through whatever happens. 

You may not like the outcome, but you must be determined to push through whatever happens.

If you want to see the biggest issue that holds us back and distracts us just take a look in the mirror. We worry about how we are judged by our peers and strangers. There are many ways to push our social anxieties aside. In an interview with the Atlantic, Stefan G. Hofmann, the director of the social Anxiety Program at Boston University states that people need to face their anxiety to beat it. Life can feel like we are in competition with everybody else but really it is only ourselves that we are fighting. 

People need to face their anxiety to beat it.

Hopefully this will help you believe that there is always a way to change and focus more on leading a happy and successful life. Remember that everybody has their own distractions and worries: don’t let them take over your life.