Poll Students After Class With Flipd Poll

  • Flipd Staff
  • 30 April 2019
  • 05:16 PM

In order to engage students during class and provide instantaneous feedback around student learning, interactive polling has become a classroom staple. And it's no surprise — in a world where instant gratification and immediate replies are expected, it feels right to have a classroom response system that asks students questions and requires immediate responses in real-time.

But what if we instead gave students time to think or challenge them to find answers?

We wouldn't be Flipd if we didn't have a solution that flips polling on its head. With a Flipd Poll, students are posed a single question at the end of class and are given 24 hours to explore an answer before submitting a response.

The Flipd Poll encourages reflection, thought, and even additional activities for beyond the classroom in a way many polling tools don't. "Current technology privileges speed and versatility, which is at odds with the classroom, and a lot of other parts of life, where we may need to slow down," says Pamela Pavliscak, a leading expert on technology design and professor at New York's Pratt Institute.

A Flipd Poll gets students to slow down and explore their response before submitting.

The Advantage of Polling After Class

Each time students are drawn to their devices during class, an opportunity to get distracted arises. Phones are brilliantly designed to pull our attention toward unread texts, notifications, and enticing alerts, often leading to multi-tasking and the cone of distraction. Even when we don't mean to, glancing at our devices can significantly increase the chance that we'll get distracted.

A Flipd Poll helps solve this problem. Flipd encourages students to unplug and engage during class and the Flipd Poll can be answered once class is over. For example, teachers can use a Flipd Poll for:

  • Testing knowledge with a deeper and more thought-provoking question
  • Gathering feedback about the lesson
  • Encouraging an activity to explore outside of class
  • A basic multiple choice question

Furthermore, you can even create a question that is specifically relevant to what happened during the current class. For example, if a student asks a great question and you would like to reinforce what the answer was, you can add the question in real-time and students will receive the Flipd Poll to their devices when class is finished. 

Combining Flipd Poll For Flipped Learning

A Flipd Poll can also be used to tie together a concept that you plan to discuss in the next class and would like students to begin exploring now. For example, asking a question or posing an activity for students to dive into will help you test comprehension leading into the next lesson, building a bridge between what they learned today and what they'll discover as they move through the next module.

It's also a great opportunity to take an otherwise basic multiple choice question and apply an offline component to it.

How to launch a Flipd Poll

1. Create a poll on your dashboard

In your Flipd dashboard, select My Classes, select your class, and then Poll Questions. Select the correct class date for which you would like to add a question and then click Set a question. Begin writing your question and the options to add multiple choice answers will automatically appear. Add in your answers and then select the radio button to indicate the correct answer.

You may add all of your questions for the entire semester or individual questions one by one. You will need to change the month in View sessions in if you would like to add questions in a subsequent month.

*If you do not want to send a Flipd Poll on a certain class date, leave the question space for that day blank (No Question).

Once you've added your questions and answers, make sure you select Save Changes to save any questions you've made. 

2. Students submit answers through the Flipd app

As soon as class ends, students receive a notification from Flipd that there's a pending question for today's class in the app. A notification badge will appear on the Flipd icon in their devices, so they'll be reminded to answer the Poll within 24 hours.

To access the latest Poll, students must open Flipd, tap on their class, and select the class with a red notification badge. Once inside of the class, students must select Polls and then tap Answer on the correct card to view the Poll question and submit their response

Students may only submit one answer per Poll and cannot change their answer once submitted. When the 24-hour window is over, the Poll answer will be revealed to students and their results will appear in your dashboard under Poll Stats where you can see an Overview of your classes as well as Details for individual students. The questions and answers to all of your Flipd Polls will remain accessible to students from within the Flipd app for the rest of the semester. 

Flipd Poll is available for all education customersFor more information about using Flipd, refer to our step by step Getting Started Guide