Best Tools For Measuring Student Engagement

  • Flipd Staff
  • 18 April 2017
  • 06:38 PM

Tools that measure audience engagement are abundant on the internet— sites like Google Analytics measure how long we spend on a website, which pages pique interest more than others, and what content engages its readers most effectively.

But what about in the classroom? Measuring whether you have captured an engaged audience isn't quite so simple.


To that end, implementing just any kind of technology into the classroom isn't the solution. Harnessing the right technology and data to help you better understand individual students and the effectiveness of your lessons will guide you to make better teaching decisions.

Here are 3 trusted tools educators are using to gain analytical insight about their classroom and increase student engagement:

1. Tophat

Tophat is a “comprehensive teaching platform” designed to facilitate the creation and delivery of lecture content. The platform can be accessed by students on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and is used to conduct polls, share interactive slides, play videos, and even conduct quizzes.

The Tophat platform measures engagement through the participation and performance of the class, automatically grading each student based on criteria you set.

2. Echo360

Echo360 is a digital learning platform that provides similar tools as Tophat, such as polling, quizzing, and facilitated discussions, as well as individualized daily report cards that allow you to analyze the engagement of each lesson.

With Echo360, lectures delivered through the digital platform are provided with an assessment of the engagement achieved that day, which helps educators better understand which lessons were more effective than others. Its daily report cards also give educators the opportunity to focus on individual students who may need more attention or guidance.

3. Flipd

Distractions are a new challenge in the modern classroom, and Flipd is an innovative platform that measures classroom engagement by discouraging phone use during class. Flipd cleverly implements gamification to help keep students engaged during a lecture, rather than get distracted. Flipd also takes attendance and gives students a record of their participation and progress as the semester moves along.

With Flipd, educators get access to a beautiful dashboard that summarizes their class activity in easy-to-read stats. The dashboard illustrates data like which days engagement and participation were lower or higher, which students may have struggled to remain engaged more than others, attendance trends, and much more.

The unique data Flipd provides allows educators to structure their lessons more effectively; for example, if the average student checks out in the last 15 minutes of a class, ending with a poll or engaging video might help keep their attention as class winds up. 

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