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1. Login and setup

2. Joining a new class

3. Check in and Attendance 

4. How to Flip Off for class

5. How to stay Flipd Off

1. Login and setup

Download Flipd from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed on your phone, open Flipd and login by email or with your Facebook or Google account.

If you're having trouble logging in, read this FAQ answer

2. Joining a new class

Once logged in, tap the πŸŽ“ icon and search join for your class with 5-digit code provided by your professor . If you've typed it correctly, the class will appear like it does in the image below.

When you see your class there, tap Join, and you'll get a pop-up that says you've successfully joined the class. Once you've joined your class successfully, you will be able to see this new class listed in your Classes.

Joining Class.png

Tip: Joining a class requires WiFi or good network connection and can take a second to successfully load if the connection is weak. Read this FAQ answer if you're having trouble joining your class. 

3. How to Flip Off for class

When you get to class, open Flipd and tap Class on the home screen. You can't begin your Flipd session until 5 minutes before class begins. If you try to begin too early, you'll get the error message like the third image below.

Starting Class.jpg

When class is about to begin in five minutes or less, or if it has already started, tap the FLIP OFF button and confirm by tapping Flip Off again. The Flipd lock screen will appear and begin counting down the class session. 

Class started.jpg

Taking Attendance 

If your professor is using Flipd Attendance, Flip Off first and then tap Check In to be counted as present. You'll need the correct attendance code of the day to successfully confirm your attendance. You can check in at any point during the class to be marked as present.

Submit attendance.jpgTip: You'll need the correct attendance code of the day to confirm your attendance. If you don't know the attendance code, ask your professor. 

4. How to stay Flipd Off

Staying Flipd Off for the lecture means that you remain in the Flipd lock screen until the timer runs outYou can still lock your phone and set it aside, but if you open your phone and attempt to leave Flipd to check something you will get a notification to remind you that you have 10 seconds to return. 

Tip: If you don't come back to Flipd within 10 seconds, the timer will expire. You can always start it again, but every minute you spend outside of Flipd will be measured in your progress.  

Pro Tip

To stay Flipd Off for class, simply Flip Off your phone, lock your screen, and set your phone aside until class is over. Each time you open your screen, check your notifications, or leave Flipd during the countdown, you run the risk of ending the Flipd session.

The point is to help you develop more intentional phone-use behavior, and this skill will help you in other important activities β€” like studying, writing, working, and even spending time with friends. Find out how you can also use Flipd outside of class to stay focused while you study!


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