Send Messages To Your Students (And Know They've Been Seen)

  • Flipd Staff
  • 15 May 2019
  • 04:00 PM

Communicating with students isn't easy. With so many ways students can be reached now, it's difficult to know whether your message has been received or even read. But with Flipd Messages, sending a variety of messages to your students is simple and effective.

Students already use Flipd for your class and while they study, so sending important messages with Flipd increases their visibility and will also increase your students' overall engagement with Flipd throughout the semester. 

On the latest version of Flipd for iOS and Android, you can use Flipd Messages to send short and long-form messages to your students, including everything from brief announcements, to articles, resources, and a variety of different materials that can be easily consumed on your student's devices. 

Flipd Messages is not a chat room feature, nor is it another inbox — think of it like a bulletin board, where you can share important information and resources that will help your students succeed in your course.

Using email to send messages to your students is ineffective for a few reasons:

  1. Email is over-saturated and has a fairly low open rate, around 20%, compared to text messages which have a 98% open rate.  
  2. Smartphones allow users to skim, archive, and delete emails from their phones without ever opening the message, which leaves significant room for error and you'll never know if your message has been read.
  3. Recipients may open emails from any number of devices, forget about it, and the message ends up lost in their inbox. (This happens to all of us!)
  4. Email is a form of two-way communication that can become exhausting and inefficient when dealing with hundreds of students.
  5. Email is not a welcome environment for reading long-form articles and clickable resources that your students may need to consume on their smartphones, similar to an e-textbook.

When you send a Flipd Message, you'll know how many of your students have read it because they must receive, select, and open the message before Flipd marks the message as Read.

1. How To Use Flipd Messages

From your Flipd dashboard, select the Class you'd like to send a message to and open the Messages tab. You'll notice a selection of sample messages that you can send, such as brief announcements or long-form articles filled with a variety of links and images.

Begin composing your new message by writing the subject line, which will appear as the message title. Use this space to write subjects such as:

  • Key points: Class Canceled Today
  • Important reminders: Midterm Next Week — Please Read
  • Articles or Excerpts: Must Read For Next Class
  • Links or Resources: Additional Resources For Week 5
  • Discussion Questions: Feedback From Discussion #7
  • Administrative Information: Office Hours and Syllabus Information

In the body, compose the information you'd like to share with your students. If you're pasting an article or resource from a website, Flipd will format the document for you so that recipients can easily read the full message from their devices without ever leaving Flipd. *PDFs are not currently supported.

2. Keep Track of Message Views

When students take action and open a Flipd Message on their deviceonly then is the message marked as Read for you. Unlike emails and other notifications that can be read without being opened, Flipd Messages require the user to open Flipd in order to read the message. This improves the likelihood that your message will not get lost among their digital clutter.

Track how many students have read your message by scrolling down to your Sent Messages on your dashboard. Below the subject line of the sent message are the words Seen by... which indicates how many students have seen your message out of the total number of students that have joined your Flipd class.

3. Pin Your Most Important Messages

Pin the messages you would like your students to see first by selecting the pin icon before or even after you've sent your message. In your dashboard and on their devices, your pinned messages will descend in chronological order, with your most recently sent and pinned messages appearing on top, followed by unpinned sent messages underneath. You can pin and unpin messages throughout the semester as needed. 

Screenshot 2017-10-26 at 5.48.17 PM.png

Pinning messages is the simplest way for students to see your most important messages first, and to be reminded of key information throughout the semester.

4. Reduce Digital Clutter

Our mission at Flipd is to empower students to become more mindful and intentional users of technology. We hope that, with Flipd Messages, you do the same by respecting your students' time and promoting positive work-life balance.

See Flipd Messages in action by logging into your account or click below to view a sample class today.