5 Instagram #Studygram Accounts That Will Motivate You To Study

  • Melissa Doyle
  • 01 July 2018
  • 01:38 PM

Finals alert! Here's some study inspiration πŸ’‘

At Flipd, we value balance β€” so if Instagram is what inspires you to get into flow, then all the power to you. On the other hand, if scrolling away on social media isn't inspiring you, it can be nothing more than a major time suck. So why not follow the best #Studygram accounts to get your thinking juices flowing? We've got you covered.

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Here are our top 5 favorite #Studygram accounts, beautifully crafted by super inspiring students:

@EMILY_STUDIEβ€” Flipd Group Code 59841

Emily is an 18 year-old student based in England, with over 118,000 Instagram followers.  She posts at least once a day, inspiring her loyal and motivated fan-base who she engages with in a super genuine way. Her consistent photos of beautifully crafted calligraphy and colorful notes are sure to brighten up your study mood. 


@MARYBERRYSTUDY β€” Flipd Group Code 22249

Mary Beth is a 21 year-old American student studying Cell and Microbiology. Her 30,000 Instagram followers enjoy her feed of inspirational studygrams, chalk full of clever agenda tips and note-taking goodness. She's also got great nails. πŸ’…



Alysha is a caramel-latte-loving University student based in Australia.  Her 42,000 followers are always in for a treat, with crisp photos of beautiful penmanship and meticulously highlighted notes. Sometimes you'll even catch a glimpse of her dog in the photo! 


@STUDYWITHMAGGIE β€” Flipd Group Code 92999

Maggie is a 20 year-old UK University student studying Math. She engages with her 48.7K Instagram followers by planning out her days using bright colors, stickers, and beautifully organized lists. Her journals are an A+ student's dream. 




Lum is an 18 year-old Computer Science student based in Toronto, Canada. (Just like Flipd!) She posts her simple study notes and beautiful stickers to her 43.5K followers every day. If you love a cute Muji notebook to get inspired to study, then this is the account to follow!

lumstudies (1)-2.jpg


We don't always suggest jumping back on Instagram to get to work, but we love the creativity it takes to pull off these #Studygram accounts β€” these inspiring ladies work really hard to do what they do! If you have a favorite account that isn't mentioned here, let us know @flipd_app or reach out to us in the app. 

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