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It’s about balance. Block distractions, stay focused.

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Why You Should Start Single-tasking If You Want To Get Ahead
I usually wake up to my phone’s alarm clock, scroll through the morning headlines, get ready for work listening to Spotify, read emails on the way to the office, and send a WhatsApp message to my mom. Sometimes I tweet something as I peruse Medium, prepare spreadsheets, 
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How We Built Flipd For IOS When No One Thought We Could
“I want you to come back in a few months because I really think you’re going to have a tough time building this on Apple.” We knew that we were going to face this kind of scrutiny. We had successfully launched Flipd for Android and we knew it wouldn’t be as easy a task on Apple’s closed platform.
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How To Live A More Productive Lifestyle
 The Internet is filled with productivity hacks. Energize your mind by practicing meditation or working out. Don’t begin your day until you’ve organized your to do lists. Give yourself more time to think and process ideas. Take breaks from technology. Hacks on hacks that claim to be the best, the top 25, or the only hacks you’ll ever need.