August Announcement: New Updates And Changes To Flipd

  • Flipd Staff
  • 28 August 2017
  • 11:00 PM
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For 2 years, Flipd has helped nearly a quarter of a million people around the world remain focused. Our community has saved a cumulative total of more than 150 million minutes unplugged from distractions ― the equivalent of almost 300 years. Flipd is used by students, parents, doctors, psychologists, teachers, travelers and countless unique individuals, a community that works together to beat a common distraction we all deal with every day.

With that, it brings our team great excitement to announce that we are moving toward a much better platform for everyone, first beginning with Flipd for Students. This transition has involved the introduction of Flipd Classes, where teachers and students come together to bring presence and attention back to the classroom. Learn more...

What this means is that some features will be undergoing maintenance for a short time. We have not discontinued the following features, they are simply unavailable during this brief transition.

Minor Changes to iOS features:

The Full Lock (MDM) will be under maintenance for a short time; however, some exciting new features that you have been waiting for are coming your way soon. If you do not have access to Schedules and Histogram, please update to the latest version to access these features.

Android features briefly affected by the transition:

  • Full Lock
  • Whitelist
  • Custom and Automatic Schedules
  • Auto-response
  • Histogram

The above features will be reintroduced as soon as possible.

Note to Flipd Premium Subscribers

As a valued Flipd Premium monthly or yearly subscriber, we are offering you an extension to your subscription. In other words, your access to premium features will be extended by 30 days or the full length of time these features have been offline. We will send you a notification with further details as soon as premium features are available again.

A special thank you

For all of you in the Flipd community, we want to thank you for your ongoing support and feedback during this transition. We appreciate the patience, understanding, and kindness of those who have reached out to us and we look forward to bringing you an even greater platform soon. 

And hey, we know sometimes change sucks, but in the long run change can also be for the better. We promise you it will be. 


The Flipd Team 

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