3 Ways To Stay Focused And Study Better With Flipd

  • Guest Post
  • 22 August 2018
  • 09:50 PM

In this guest post from Connie Studies, find out how the 13-year old Flipd Influencer, study blogger, and study ambassador makes the most out of her time with Flipd. 

If you're like most students, you probably spent a good chunk of your summer staring at your screens for hours on end, scrolling away through Instagram and YouTube.

Don't worry — we've all been there. But when it's time to head back to school, it's a habit you should probably break. If not, it'll be pretty tough to get back into your study game — trust me.

Luckily, there are 3 ways Flipd can help you get focused, back on track, and ready to study this year, right from the very start.

1. Block Distractions and Stay Focused

During the summer holidays it's way too easy to be lazy. That's why getting back to your studies when you head back to school is likely to be a major struggle.

By using Flipd, you can block any distractions, like Instagram and YouTube, so you can have complete focus. It's simple — gather your books together, grab a few pens and paper, start the Flipd timer and you’re set!  

You’ve now created the perfect environment for studying.

2. Categorize and Schedule Your Time

When you're going to school every day, you usually don't have much time to spare. That's why tracking how much time you study and allocating equal time between your subjects is so important.

Using a productivity tracker like Flipd allows you to track the amount of time you’ve spent on mindful tasks. It's great because you can set a clear plan of how long you want to study for throughout the day or week. For example, if you want to study for two hours and you need to cover Math, Biology, French and Geography, you can be Flipd Off for 30 minutes and focus on Math first. Then you can take a break to grab something to eat, go for a walk  — or check your phone for a bit 🙄. 

Continue on with this cycle for your Biology, French and Geography, and you'll wonder how you became so productive.

The great thing about Flipd is that you can choose how long you want to study for and then track it in your statistics. You can set a different colour for every subject and when you're Flipd Off you can label it according to the subject you're studying. After your studies, head over to your statistics in the app and you'll see a pretty colourful pie chart showing how much time you've spent on each subject.

3. Track Your Time Well Spent

Do you keep setting the Flipd timer but find yourself quitting the session after six minutes? There are plenty of ways to keep on track and stay motivated.

What I did was start a Flipd Group.

You can create a Flipd group with your friends, classmates or even your Instagram followers. Set your group to be a specific subject or task, invite others to join it, and see who can get to the top of the leader board each week.

Another way to stay motivated is to start a day streak with yourself which you can track in your in Flipd Stats. If you care about your productivity and time well spent, you'll find yourself increasingly more motivated to keep your day streak going!

ConnieConnie is a high school student and Flipd Ambassador who one day dreams of studying philosophy at Cambridge University. Even though Connie is only 13, she has set her sights and ambitions high. From a young age, Connie has shown a natural love of learning which continues with her through her educational journey. Connie shares this love with the world via her #Studygram account @Connie.Studies where she posts daily tips and advice on studying. Away from her studies, Connie enjoys reading, bullet journaling, piano, and pentathlons.